Content over Code

As an engineer, I have a rather extreme tendency to dive into code when trying to improve the site.  That has resulted in some pretty cool features – Check out EchoNest Integration, Finding Foxtrot Music and Cross-referencing Dance Styles just to name a few.  As a dancer, however, it’s pretty obvious that new content is the most important part of a site like music4dance.  To that end, I’m going to keep new features to the minimum and concentrate on improving the content.

Last week I added descriptions to all of the “Other” category of dance styles, and I believe I managed to get some better content for both Polka and Country Two Step.  I’m happy to take feedback on those dances from the experts, as neither of them land anywhere to my core proficiency.  Also – if anyone is willing to tutor me on country dances in general, I believe I could get something similar to what I have for ballroom competition categories up and running reasonably easily.

Overall, I hope to bulk out descriptions and start adding new songs to the catalog on a more regular basis as well as delving a bit more into the relationship between music and partner dancing in the form of some more content rich blog posts.