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Farewell to Rio 2016, but we’ll always have the Samba

Now that the 2016 Olympics are over and the Paralympics are wrapping up, it seems like a good time to highlight the two dances that I’ve included in the music4dance catalog that originated in Brazil. Samba and Bossa Nova are closely related musically and have very similar characteristic rhythms, but the Samba is considerably faster than the Bossa Nova.  I’ve updated the catalogs for both dances and added a bunch of new (to me) songs for each dance, check them out:  Samba Song List, Bossa Nova Song List

If you have other songs that you think should be on these lists, feel free to let me know either as comment to this post or on the feedback page.  Or participate in the process by creating an account and voting songs up and down.

Before I leave the topic of the Paralympics, I wanted to give a shout out to one of my personal heroes – Kerri Morgan.

And back on topic (kind of ) – I just noticed that Wheelchair  Dance is a recognized sport in the Paralympics.  I’m off to watch some videos…