music4dance is designed to help dancers find music that inspires them to dance.  The website can be thought of as three interrelated sections of the website.

  1. A catalog of songs that are tagged with dancer friendly information.  This section can be found under the Music menu.
  2. A small and growing set of tools to help dancers work with the relationship between dance and music and the relationship between different dance styles.  This section can be found under the tools menu.
  3. Methods to customize the first two experiences.  This starts with creating an account and tagging songs with your own tags and dance style recommendations.

One of the core principles behind is that of exploration, so everything that we can think of has been turned into a link or a menu of links.  Please explore and let us know if we’ve missed anything.




Help is accessible by clicking on the Info -> Help menu item on the main site.  For many pages, that will take you to the specific help topic for that page.

We’ll be adding more help topics shortly.  If there are particular issues that you feel are most in need of a help topic, please comment here or send us feedback.

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