Add Songs

You can find the Add Songs page by going to the Music Menu and choosing Add Songs.

Add Song Start Screen

As should be obvious from the above, there are two basic ways of adding a song: By searching for a song by Title and Artist or by looking up a song id directly. Let’s start with the search method.

NOTE: Adding songs is a very new feature that has just come out of beta so we’re still looking for feedback. Please try it out and let us know how it goes..

Adding a Song by Title

Type in the Title (or part of the title) of a song and at least some fragment of the Artist’s name. As with any search, you’ll get more results with less information, but you’ll get more specific results with more information.

When it’s already in the catalog:

The first thing we do with this information is search the music4dance catalog for any possible matches (and we go pretty broad, so we’ll almost always find something). Here is an example of a case where we have the song that we’re looking for already in our catalog where I searched for How Sweet it Is by Michael Buble:

In this case, we can just go ahead and click the “Edit” button next to the top song in the list and we’ll be taken to the Song Details page already in edit mode and we can add dances or tags to the song as described on the help page for that feature.

When it’s not in the catalog:

If the song isn’t already in the music4dance catalog we can look it up in Spotify or Apple Music and add it using the information from one of those services. In the case of Halsey’s “Darling”, we’ll see something like the following (unless someone has added the song before you read this):

Notice that while we found some songs called “Darling”, none of them are the one that we’re looking for (one of the reasons that we ask you to put at least something in the Artist field).

Clicking on “Search Spotify” or “Search Apple Music” will look up the song in the specified service. In this case I chose to search Spotify and got the following results:

Now I’ve found the song that I’m looking for (and as often happens there are a couple of duplicate copies). Clicking on the add button of the top entry will take me to a pre-filled in version of a new song details page for this song. This works just like the normal Song Details page when in edit mode except that you have the ability to edit more fields and in order to save, you’ll have to tag the song with at least one dance style. That is, after all, the whole point of this site.

In this case I’ve voted on this song as Night Club Two Step and opened up the “Add Dance Style” modal a second time to see if there is anything else I would vote on.

Once I’m done, I can click the “Add Song” button in the upper right and I’ll have added a song to the catalog and associated it with at least one dance. This will take me right back to the “Add Song” start page and I can add as many more songs as I’d like.

Adding a Song by Id

If you happen to be listening to a song on Spotify or Apple Music and have that “this is a perfect Foxtrot” song moment there’s an even easier way to add the song. Just right click on the song and grab the song’s URL (both interfaces have a way to do this). Then go to Add Song and choose “by Id”. Paste the url into the edit box and click lookup:

You should be taken directly to a Song Details page where you can vote on dances and add tags.

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