Dance Details

The dance details pages give an overview of an individual dance style or category of dances styles.


  1. Breadcrumbs to show you the primary navigation path to the page that you are currently viewing. In the example pictured, you see Music4Dance (the home page), Dances (the dance style page), and Swing (the current details page).
  2. A brief description of the style or category of dance.  We are continuing to refine these descriptions to primarily provide a description of the relationship between this dance and other dances and the relationship between this dance and the music that it is danced to.
  3. Table of contents for this page, this will be different depending on what information we’ve cataloged for the dance style or category.
  4. Top ten list of songs for this the category or style.  This list acts very much like a snap-shot of the song list.  Clicking on the play button will take you to streaming or purchase options for the song.  Clicking on tags will take you to the song list for the dance style including or excluding songs tagged with the tag you chose.
  5. A Spotify player for the top ten list.  You can also find an extended list directly in Spotifyunder the music4dance profile.  While you’re there please consider following us on Spotify.
  6. For a dance category, this area shows the list of dance styles that we’ve grouped into this category.  For a dance style this area shows additional tempo information.
  7. References that we’ve gathered for more information about this dance style or category.  If you have additional useful references, we’re always ready to add more, so please send us feedback.
  8. A tag cloud of music genre, tempo and other tags for this style/category of dance.  Clicking on a tag will give you the options to see a complete list of songs for this category/style that either include or exclude the tag .  Or start a search based just on the tag without the dance style filter.

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