Playing or Purchasing Songs

It’s not much fun to try to track down a particular song and find somewhere where you can play or purchase it.  We’re doing our best to automate this step by linking each song in our catalog to multiple streaming and purchase sources.

Currently we support iTunes, Amazon,  and Spotify.

Note: Music4Dance has been through a major upgrade since this documentation was written.  The general concepts on this page are still generally accurate.  But colors, icons and some specifics will differ from the live site.  Please contact us with specific questions or requests for updates.

On any page that lists songs, you’ll find a play button playbutton next to each song.  Clicking on that button will show you which sites we’ve been able to associate this song with:

Play and Purchase
Play and Purchase Controls

Clicking on any of the available options will open a new browser tab with the song.  In most cases, it will also give you the option to play (or start playing) the song in the associated player.  Also, if we were able to identify a playable clip on any of the music services that provide samples, you’ll be able to play the (usually 30 second) clip directly in this window.

Note: Most of these sites will support music4dance in a small way if you make a purchase after following the link from our site.  So if you discover a song that you would like to purchase through us, we’d really appreciate it if you use these links to make the actual purchase.

On individual song pages, these links are even more obvious.  Click any of these buttons to get to the page to play or purchase the song.

Buy it on Amazon

Play on Spotify

Download on iTunes

Do you listen to music using a different site?  Please send us feedback and we’ll look into broadening our support.

Did you find a broken link?  Again, please send us feedback and we’ll fix it.

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