Song Details

The music4dance song details page contains all of the information that we have gathered about a song, including tags and dances that you have may have added.

Below is a snapshot of a song details page for “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” as seen by a user “Charlie” while he is editing it. Some of the features will be slightly different if you aren’t signed in, but the general information is available to everyone.


  1. Like/Title/Artist: The heart icon is filled, which indicates that Charlie likes this song. Clicking on it will allow him to change that to a broken heart (don’t like) or an empty heart (undecided).
  2. Music Services/List/Save: The music services where you can listen to or purchase the song. Click on any of the buttons to go to that service. Additional help on music services is available by click the help button next to the services. The “Back to List” button will take you back to the search results that got you to this page, or a list of all songs if you didn’t arrive on this page through a search. Save is only available if you are signed in and have edited the page.
  3. Length/Tempo: The Length and Tempo of the song (in Beats Per Minute) if available.
  4. Tags: All of the tags that have been added to the song by our users. The tags that Charlie has added have a tag icon on the right, those that were added by others have a (+). More information on tag editing is available here.
  5. Dances: A list of all of the dances that are users have associated with this song (the bold dances) and dances that we’ve inferred through the tempo of the song combined with user voting (the normal font dances). The cumulative votes are indicated by the fullness of the note next to the dance. The hearts next to the dance indicate whether Charlie likes this song to dance the respective dance to. In this case he likes to dance Hustle and Mambo to the song, does not like to dance Cumbia to the song and is ambivalent about the other dances listed. The combination of dance and song can also be tagged. In this case we can see that Mambo and Salsa are dance to this song at double time while Derek and Bindi (from DWTS) danced Rumba to this song.
  6. AlbumsA list of albums that we’ve found this song on as well as the music services where they are available for purchase or streaming.
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