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The music4dance song details page contains all of the information that we have gathered about a song, including tags and dances that you have may have added.

Below is a snapshot of a song details page for “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” as seen by a user “Charlie” while he is editing it. Some of the features will be slightly different if you aren’t signed in, but the general information is available to everyone.

Screen shot of dance details page in view mode.
Dance details page as seen by sample user Charlie
  1. Title Line:
    • Favorites: The heart icon is an outline, which indicates that Charlie has neither added this song to his favorites (liked – or filled heart) nor expressed that he doesn’t want to see this song in his searched (disliked or heart with an slash) . Clicking on the heart will allow him to change that decision. You can also add to favorites/hide songs by clicking on the heart icon in any song list.
    • Title: The title of the song.
    • Artist: The artist – this is a clickable link that will take you to a list of all songs in the catalog by this artist.
    • Actions: Once you have made edits to the page, you’ll have the option to Cancel or Save Changes on the right side of this line.
  2. Actions:
    • Play/Purchase Song: Amazon/iTunes/Spotify buttons linking to play or purchase the song. Additional help on music services is available by click the help button next to the services.
    • The “Back to Search” button will take you back to the search results that got you to this page, or a list of all songs if you didn’t arrive on this page through a search.
    • Help: Will take you to this page. Note that you can also use the “Help” item from the “Info” menu to get to help for most pages on the site.
  3. Song Tags:
    • In view mode, this is a list of the tags that you or others have tagged the song with (you can then search on those tags). In this case, Charlie has tagged the song as “Pop” which is indicated by the check-mark in the tag (the “4/4” and “Adult Contemporary” tags were added by others)
    • In Edit mode, the tag section expands to explicitly list your tags (which you can delete by clicking on the “x”), an Add Tags dropdown to add new tags and an “Other’s Tags” section that let’s you easily add tags that others have previously tagged this song with. More info on tag editing is available on the Tag Editing page.
  4. Preview: If available, this will show a mini-media player that will let you play a 30 second clip of the song.
  5. Song Info:
    1. Length of the song in seconds
    2. Tempo of the song in Beats Per minute
    3. EchoNest Info: Beat, Energy and Mood.
    4. Timestamps: Created/Edited/Modified
    5. Undo My Changes: If you’ve made changes to this song, you can undo them all by clicking this button (this is a permanent action).
  6. Dances: A list of all of the dances that are users have associated with this song (on the left) and dances that we’ve inferred through the tempo of the song combined with user voting (on the right). In this case, Charlie has voted for this song as “East Coast Swing” as indicated by the dark upward triangle next to the name of the dance. You can vote up or down by clicking on the arrows. More info on voting is available on the Dance Tag page.
    • Dances also have a tag section that works just like the Song tag Section (C) – these tags are intended to be specific to the intersection of the Song and the Dance style. So, for instance your might have a song tag that state the tempo is 4/4, but a dance tag of slow – which would be slow for east coast swing, but might be a normal tempo for west coast swing.
  7. Albums: list of albums that we’ve found this song on as well as the music services where they are available for purchase or streaming.
  8. Changes: This is a history of who has made change to the song and what they’ve changed.
    • This list includes Voting on Dances and Tag editing, it doesn’t include every change made by the system.
    • You can click on the user ID to see a list of songs that the user has changed.

Below is the same image after Charlie has started editing the page

Dance details page after Charlie has started editing (but hasn’t yet saved his changes)
Snippet of changes list after “Charlie” has voted for East Coast Swing and added the “Pop” tag.
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