Tag Cloud

The tag cloud for the entire music4dance database can be found by clicking on “Tags” item in the Music menu.

Note: Music4Dance has been through a major upgrade since this documentation was written.  The general concepts on this page are still generally accurate.  But colors, icons and some specifics will differ from the live site.  Please contact us with specific questions or requests for updates.


Start a search based on a tag by clicking on the tag, you will have the option to list all the songs that are tagged with that tag (inclusion) or list all the songs that have not been tagged with that tag (exclusion).  From there you are taken to the song list where you can further refine your search.

Tag clouds are also shown on each of the dance style pages, which include only tags that have been used on songs that are also categorized as that dance style.

Descriptions of each type of tag are available on the Tag Definitions page and a complete description of how to use tags to explore the music4dance catalog is available on the Tag Filtering page.

Are you interested in adding your own tags?   All you have to do is create an account and start tagging.

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