Tag Definitions

The music4dance system defines five different categories of tags.

Dance Style

The Dance style that the song has been tagged with. This tag is special in a number of ways.

  • Each of these tags has an associated dance details page that contains a description of the dance style, a top ten list, and tempo information.
  • The dance tag for a song can be tagged. For instance, the “West Coast Swing” tag on specific song might have a tempo tag of “Fast” while the “East Coast Swing” tag on the same song could at the same time have a tempo tag of “Slow”
  • The note icon represents a ‘level’ of popularity, the more filled it is with the darker orange color, the more popular this song is among dancers who dance this style.
  • Filtering of dance tags works differently than filtering of other tags.


The musical genre(s) that this song has been tagged with.


Tempo modifier tags. Examples of tempo tags on a song include are “consistent”, “inconsistent”, and “weak beat” or a meter like “4/4”. Examples of tempo tags specific to the dance style for a song are “strict”, “fast”,  “double-time”, “half-time” and “slow”.


Tags specific to a dance style (aside from tempo). Examples of this type of tag are “modern”,  “traditional” and “unconventional” as well as refinements to the dance style such as “International” or “American.”


Anything else one would tags to describe a song or dance style that doesn’t fall into the other, more specific, categories.

See the Tag Filtering page for a detailed description of how to use both kinds of tags to explore the catalog of songs.

Are you interested in adding your own tags?   All you have to do is create an account and start tagging.

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