Spotify Playlist

We support Spotify Playlists in two different ways.

First, on any of the Dance Pages you’ll find an embedded Spotify player that will play the top 50 songs of that dance style. You can also go directly to the music4dance profile on Spotify to find these playlists there. If you do either of those, please take the time to “follow” music4dance on Spotify, this will help others find us.

The other way is to create playlists of your own based on music4dance searches. Any time you do an Advanced Search or Simple Search, you will now see a “Create Spotify Playlist” button at the bottom of the results. Clicking on that button will take you to a New Spotify Playlist page that should look something like this:

New Spotify Playlist

As the page notes, you must be a premium user signed in with an account that is associated with your Spotify account in order to use this feature. If you already have a music4dance account but haven’t associated your Spotify account, be sure to check out the “Adding an external account” section of the account management help.

On this page, you can change the title and description of the playlist as well as the number of songs to add to the playlist from search.

Once you’ve confirmed that this is a playlist that you would like, just click create. This step may take a minute or two as we’re communicating with Spotify to create the playlist for you. Once this is done you should see a page like this:

Spotify Playlist Created

Clicking on the play button will immediately play the playlist. You can also click on the Spotify logo in the upper right to open the playlist up in the Spotify player.

Please be kind and leave the notice that this playlist was created with information from in the description of the playlist. This will help others find the site and expand the community.

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