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Dance Tags

Dance tags are the heart of the music4dance database. They are the glue that holds dance styles and songs together. These tags are crowd sourced from our users, our friend’s catalogs and from public sources. The more that our members vote on dances, the more diverse our catalog will become.

There are a number of places where you can vote on whether you would dance a specific style of dance to a song. These are all marked by a voting control: A number with up and down arrows like so:

Once you’ve signed in to, you’ll be able to vote by clicking on the triangles above or below the number and your vote will be indicated by the arrow being darker:

In the above picture of the Bolero page, the signed in user has vote for dancing Bolero to “Senor Bolero” against dancing Bolero to “Jesus to a Child” and has not voted on “Casi un Bolero.” Hovering over each section of the control will show tooltips with additional useful information.

These voting controls can be found on any of the Dance Details pages and on any of the Song List pages that you’ve arrived at by selecting a single dance style. For Song List pages that list multiple dances, you can open the dance popover for each dance style to vote on that style.

The old style “shoe icon” voting buttons are currently still used on the Song Details pages, so if you are looking at those pages please read on for how that mechanism works.

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