Bonus Content

The publicly visible music4dance catalog is made of up a large number of songs that have come from a number of different sources. In order to assure some consistency and efficacy of the songs that show up in searches, we’ve also added two constraints to the results that we show.

  1. All of the songs must have been matched to an entry in one of the publisher catalogs that we search.
  2. Each song must have been tagged with at least one dance style.

These are perfectly reasonable constraints and help to reduce confusion for a novice user. However, there is a whole lot of information indexed in our catalog that people aren’t seeing and could be of some use.

It is now possible for premium users to access the nearly twenty thousand additional songs via the advanced search feature. Just check the corresponding box at the bottom of the advanced search form and widen your search to include songs that we have not indexed to a publisher or categorized with a dance style.

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