Bug Report

Bug Bounty:

We would like to provide a reward to people who take the time to report bugs. So for each bug that you report that hasn’t been reported by others, we will give you a week of our premium service for free (or extend an existing premium membership by a week). We must be able to reproduce the bug, so the better you describe the bug, the more likely that your bug will count. It is, of course, entirely at the discretion of the music4dance staff as to whether a bug report will be awarded a bounty.

Bug Report Form:

Please use this form to submit bug reports or feature requests. Thank you for taking the time to let us know about bugs, we’ll do everything we can to address the issue.  The more detailed your description and repro steps, the more likely we are to be able to identify and fix it.

Description of Report Types:

  • Bug (blocking): This is a bug that prevents you from doing whatever it is that you set out to accomplish with the website.
  • Bug (non-blocking): This is a bug that may be annoying but doesn’t prevent you from doing what you set out to do.
  • Feature Request: This isn’t a bug, but an idea about a better way to do something or a request to do something more than the site is currently.
  • Documentation Bug: A bug in the documentation, anything from a typo to a misleading description to an outright error.
  • Content Bug: Something wrong with the content of the website – errors in dance style description, patently wrong data for songs, etc.

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