Reading List

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Books on learning to dance

Hear the Beat, Feel the Music by James Joseph

This is a great read for those dancers that don’t have a musical background and are struggling with “musicality.”

Hear the Beat, Feel the Music: Kindle Edition

Hear the Beat, Feel the Music: Paperback

Full Review

Dance Better Now: The secret to mastering dance and dancing at the excellent standard you want by Clint Steele

This books is an educator’s take on how to rapidly improve your level of social dance.

Dance Better Now: Kindle Edition

Full review coming soon

Books on Dance History and the Social Impact of Dance

The Meaning of Tango: The Story of the Argentinian Dance by Christine Denniston

The Meaning of Tango: Kindle Edition

The Meaning of Tango: Hardcover Edition

The Meaning of Tango: Paperback Edition

Full Review

About the links on this page

If you found a book through this blog, please be kind and click on a link on this site to purchase it. This helps support the blog. If you’re feeling especially generous (or just like the blog a lot) clicking on the Amazon links in the blog or on the music4dance site and then doing your regular, unrelated shopping which also help support the site as a very small fraction of those proceeds will be directed to musci4dance.

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